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Ways to help someone with bipolar disorder


Bipolar disorder, also formerly known as manic depression, is a mental illness. This disorder causes switches in one’s mood and hinders a person’s daily activities. Bipolar disorder is commonly prevalent in people who are in their late teens or young adults. According to surveys, about 3 percent of adults in the US have bipolar disorder. 

Bipolar disorder can be classified into six types; bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, cyclothymic disorder, substance-induced bipolar disorder, a bipolar disorder due to other medications, and unspecified bipolar and related disorder. Though there are many effective medications for bipolar disorder, however, a supportive person can make all the difference. 

bipolar disorder

The major symptom of determining a person with bipolar disorder is the drastic and immediate shift in their moods. From extreme happiness to deep sadness, people experience both at the same time. 


How can you help your loved one with bipolar disorder? 

Living with bipolar isn’t easy at all. A person who suffers from bipolar needs a lot of care, patience, and attention, especially during their mood changes. Today in this blog, we give you an insight into how you can go out there and help your loved one deal with bipolar. Be prepared for the many challenges you need to face during this period but never lose hope and have patience is all we would suggest before getting into the facts. 


Tutor yourself 

Before beginning to help your loved one, it is very important to research and educate yourself about this disorder. It is essential to know the symptoms and depressive episodes beforehand so that when it occurs, it does not come to you as a shock.


Be active in all the treatments 

It is advised to be a part of every treatment that takes place. Indulge yourself in the therapy sessions and doctor visits. Sometimes, these sessions can be terrifying for the one who has bipolar disorder. Having a loved one next to them can make them at ease and reduce anxiety and stress. 


Be understanding

A person with bipolar disorder often doesn’t know the actual reason behind the changes in their moods. Trying to understand the situation of the person and supporting him/her can help them majorly. A calm mind and ready to help heart is what you require in the whole process.


Be patient and positive

Being a long-term disorder, it is very unpredictable about when the symptoms may occur. So, for your loved one's sake and well-being, it is very necessary to stay patient and positive and let them stay on the healthy life track. 



Support is all a bipolar disorder person needs. You need to understand the moods and behaviors of the patient and support them accordingly. It is also advised not to take anything on your heart if a person says anything in a setback. 



Helping someone with bipolar disorder can be a considerable challenge. But if you make an effort and have a firm belief, you can make quite a difference in that person’s life. The above-given methods are the most effective treatments for bipolar disorder. Just hang in there and be patient, and you shall sail through this. 


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