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Antispasmodic drugs over the counter is a medication that is used to smooth and relax the muscles of the spasms of the stomach, intestine or urinary tract. These medicines works by blocking the action of acetylcholine in the brain and at nerves.


Types of antispasmodics


There are two types of anti-spasmodics;


Antimuscarinics- this includes drugs such as; dicycloverine, hyoscine, atropine, propantheline


Smooth muscle relaxants- this includes drugs, such as; alverine, mebeverine, peppermint oil


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How does anti-spasmodic work?


Antispasmodics muscles work by stopping the chemicals from making the muscles to contract, therefore, reducing the muscle contraction in this way that helps in relieving the symptoms.


Side effects of antispasmodics


The following are antispasmodic tablets no prescriptions side effects. However, these medicines do not have any serious side effects but can have some minor effects.


  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth
  • Difficulty in passing urine


You can also witness some other side effects apart from the one listed above, inform your doctor immediately if you do so.


This medicine sometimes react with other medicines and causes some adverse effects, so it is advised to inform your doctor about all the medicines you have been taking to avoid serious drug interactions.


Where can you buy antispasmodic?


You can easily get prescribed antispasmodic meds online from our pharmacy. We deliver your meds right at your doorstep, so, order now.


The treatment of this medicine goes on when the symptoms are active. Your doctor shall prescribe you the duration of the treatment. This medicine reacts within an hour or so to ease the manifestations. The effectiveness of this medicine depends on the dose that your doctor has given. Your doctor can prescribe antispasmodic online and tell you how to take it.

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