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HCG 2000 IU Injection

Human chorionic gonadotropin is the primary component of HCG 2000 iu medication. It helps in treating infertility issues in women. It has also been proven helpful in treating symptoms of male hypogonadism, such as low sperm count and delayed puberty. HCG is obtained from the placenta of a pregnant woman. It is a hormone that helps mature and release the egg during ovulation from the woman's ovary so that it develops normally. It increases the testosterone levels in men and hence increases the sperm count. 2000 iu hcg injections are injected directly into a muscle under the skin under a doctor's supervision. Your healthcare provider will determine the dosage according to your medical condition and take the medicine as prescribed only to avoid unwanted side effects. Do not use the medicine if you are allergic to its component or to the injection itself or if you are pregnant, have hormone-related cancer, or are developing puberty early.

Uses of Hcg 2000 IU Injection

Have a look at the below-given uses of 2000 IU hcg injections:

Female Infertility – 

Hcg injections are used to treat women who are dealing with infertility problems. It helps women who cannot conceive even when they have not reached the menopause stage. They face the problem due to hormone imbalance, and generic hcg injection helps in this case by stimulating the release of a mature egg during the ovulation period.

Male Infertility – 

Hcg 2000 iu injections also treat infertility issues in men, which are usually caused due to lack of some specific hormones in the body. It also helps in treating pituitary gland disorder in young males. Hcg also increases sperm count in men by increasing testosterone levels. 

Cryptorchidism – 

It is a medical condition in which a testicle doesn't move down into its place in the scrotum. This medical condition where the testicle is undescended before the child's birth is known as Cryptorchidism. Hcg is used to treat this condition in male children.

Medical Benefits of Hcg 2000 IU Injection

The two important medicinal benefits of using Hcg 2000 IU injections are as follows:

Treatment of Infertility in Females – 

The HCG injection contains a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin. It is useful in treating female infertility. It helps in the development of an egg in an ovary and thereafter releases the egg during the ovulation process. It is responsible for causing ovulation which was otherwise not happening normally. Hcg injections increase a woman's chance of having a successful pregnancy. It is recommended that your doctor or nurse should inject the muscle. To have the most effect, ensure to use the medicine as prescribed.  

Treatment of Male Hypogonadism – 

Hypogonadism is referred to as the improper functioning of reproductive organs in males and females. In males, it is a condition where the testes are not working properly and sperm count is low. In females, the female reproductive organ, i.e The ovaries, are not able to function and are not able to ovulate. These issues cause failure in producing the sexual hormones required for fertility in men and women. Taking hcg injections increases the production of testosterone and hence increases the sperm count in males. Hence it helps in reducing infertility in men and helps in treating hypogonadism. To get the most benefits, follow the dosage instructions given by your doctor.

Side Effects of Hcg 2000 IU Injection

Serious side effects of Hcg 2000 IU injections include:

  • Severe allergic reaction – swelling of lips and tongue, rashes, breathing issues.

  • OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) – severe stomach and pelvic pain, nausea, diarrhea, and sudden weight gain.

  • Ruptured or swollen ovarian cysts – Sharp or sudden pain, bloating in the lower belly, heaviness feeling.

  • Blood Clots – Chest pain, warmth, swelling or tenderness in arm or leg, breathing problem, vision changes, trouble speaking or walking. 

You should report the above given severe side effects if you face them to get immediate medical attention.

Common side effects of Hcg 2000 IU injections include:

  • Headache

  • Pain at the site of injection

  • Irritability

  • Increase male breasts size

  • Early puberty

  • Depression

  • Edema

  • Restlessness

  • Fatigue

The common side effects mentioned above will get better with time, and your body will get used to the medicine.

Contraindications to Hcg 2000 IU Injection

Contraindications to using HCG 2000 are those health/medical conditions where a person should not use a medicine which can cause a few unwanted problems due to the safety concerns of the medicine, HCG. If the below-given health conditions apply to you or you already have them, you should inform your doctor about it before starting the course of the hcg injections. 

  • Androgen-dependent cancer like prostate cancer etc.

  • Early puberty.

  • Ongoing pregnancy. 

Informing your doctor is important in these conditions, as using HCG might harm you.

What are the Dosages of Hcg 2000 IU Injection?

The dosage will depend on the medical condition you are taking HCG for. It will also depend on your age and weight. The dose and how many times you have to take the medicine will be decided by your doctor. So always follow the instructions provided by your doctor. The hcg injection will be injected by a healthcare provider either into the muscle or under the skin, depending on the health condition. Men are prescribed to take HCG multiple times a week, but the dosages can vary and can be used less for some conditions. To treat infertility in females, your healthcare provider will provide instructions on injecting the hcg and tell you a specific time and date to have the most effects.

Warnings and Precautions of Hcg 2000 IU Injection

Do read the following warnings and precautions before you buy Hcg 2000 IU injections online:

  • Do not use it if you are pregnant. It's not recommended to be used by pregnant women.

  • Inform your physician if you are a breastfeeding mother. As hcg is not prescribed to breastfeeding females unless absolutely needed.

  • Using hcg injections can cause you to give multiple births.

  • Keep a check on your hormone levels regularly.

  • It's not suitable for women who experience bleeding through the vagina in an abnormal way.

  • Use the medicine with caution if you have a hormonal imbalance due to abnormal functioning of the adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands.

  • It's best not to take this medicine if you are a patient with prostate cancer.

  • Take the tests specified by your healthcare provider to ensure this medicine is safe for you.

  • If you have a medical condition such as an enlarged ovary or ovarian cysts, it's not suitable to start taking hcg injections.

What are the Interactions of Hcg 2000 IU Injection?

All medications work differently, and it highly depends from person to person. Discuss with your doctors all the possible drug interactions before you start using Hcg injections 2000 IU. Check out the possible interactions of Hcg 2000 injections before you start your course: 

  • Check with your doctor for Hcg injection interactions with alcohol to ensure your safety.

  • Hcg's interaction with a drug named Ganirelix is moderate.

  • Hcg is not known to have any interactions with food items.

  • Do tell your doctor beforehand if you are already on some other treatment for stimulating ovulation.

  • Using hcg can interfere with your test results if you are getting tested for hormone levels, especially the Luteinizing hormone.

How does this Medication Work?

2000 IU HCG injections stimulate the production of hormones related to sexual desire in males and females. In females, it triggers the matured egg to release from its ovaries and helps a woman to sustain the pregnancy. It helps to maintain and supplement female sex-related hormones such as progesterone and estrogen required for conceiving a child successfully. In males, it helps by triggering the release of male sex-related hormones, such as androgens. These hormones help develop sexual characteristics and are responsible for puberty's onset. It also helps by moving down the testes into their proper place, the scrotum, in young males with a medical condition of undescended testes.

How much does HCG 2000 IU Injection cost?

HCG 2000 IU injections cost a huge amount if you do not have insurance. But luckily, if you are ordering from an online pharmacy like ours,, you can get HCG 2000 IU injection at a great deal. You can buy HCG 2000 IU at $14.13 per vial only. You can save up to 80-90% on your total medication cost. We also have our very own refer and earn program, where you can refer your friend, and they can get a 20% discount on their first order. In return, you will get a $25 voucher as store credit, valid for a lifetime.

FAQ About Hcg 2000 IU Injection

1. Is Hcg 2000IU Injection painful?

HCG injections are not known to cause severe pain. You can feel mild tenderness or tingling sensation at the injection site.

2. How long does 2000 IU of HCG stay in your system?

You can detect HCG 2000 IU in your urine and blood for about 10 days after taking the injection.

3. Is 2000 hCG level good?

By around 6.5 weeks reaching 2000 HCG level is considered good. Around this time, you can also do an ultrasound and hear a fetal heartbeat.

4. Are there any chances of twins when treated with Hcg 2000IU Injection?

Taking HCG injections to treat female infertility can cause multiple births. It's common to give birth to twins while being treated with HCG 2000 IU injection.

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Medically Reviewed By:

Dr. A. Sharma (B. Pharma)

He is a licensed pharmacist and a medical writer with 10 years of clinical experience. He strives to empower patients to understand their medications so that they become better healthcare advocates.

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