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Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common condition in which the force or pressure of the blood against the artery walls is too high. This condition has a tendency to lead to some heart diseases and strokes. You can easily get your hands on over the counter hypertension drugs to treat your condition.


A human’s blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood his/her heart pumps and the amount of resistance the blood flow has in your arteries. If the heart pumps more blood and the arteries are narrow, the higher the blood pressure is going to be. But this can be treated with the help of hypertension drugs online.


Hypertension is based on various risk factors, including; obesity, drinking too much alcohol, smoking and family history. However, there are many medications for treating hypertension in the market.


It is said that high blood pressure can sometimes have no symptoms whatsoever and this can go on for years. Even without getting any symptoms, the damage to the blood vessels can be there. This is known as uncontrolled hypertension, which can lead to some serious health problems such as; heart attack or a stroke.


Even though hypertension has no symptoms but a few people with high blood pressure can witness symptoms such as;


- Headaches

- Shortness of breath

- Bleeding nose


But these manifestations don’t occur easily until the blood pressure has reached the stage where it can be life-threatening.


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After the age of 18, every individual should get themselves checked for hypertension at least in every 2 years. If you are 40 or older ask your doctor for a blood pressure reading every year.


There are two types of high blood pressure;


- Primary hypertension

- Secondary hypertension


Primary hypertension has no apparent identifiable cause and it tends to develop over the years.


Secondary hypertension is caused due to many underlying causes. It tends to develop suddenly and cause higher blood pressure.


The conditions that can cause secondary hypertension are;


- Obstructive sleep apnea

- Kidney problems

- Adrenal gland tumors

- Thyroid problems

- Certain defects in the blood vessels

- Illegal drugs

- Medications


You can easily treat high blood pressure with the help of generic drugs for hypertension.


Risk Factors


- Age

- Race

- Family history

- Obesity

- Physically inactive

- Smoking

- Excessive use of salt in the diet

- Over alcohol consumption

- Stress

- Chronic conditions


Get yourself checked before you start taking any high blood pressure over the counter or generic high blood pressure medicine.


It is better if you make some lifestyle changes to preclude hypertension. By doing so, you not only stay healthy but also overcome a lot of illnesses. Also, get yourself checked by your healthcare provider every now and then to prevent any mishap.


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