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Antineoplastic - Anti Cancer

Anti-cancer drugs also known as Antineoplastic drugs or generic antineoplastic drugs are used to treat some forms of cancer. Antineoplastic drugs are also known as anticancer, chemotherapy, chemo, cytotoxic, or hazardous drugs. This drug targets a wide range of cells, as a result, in this process it sometimes often harms healthy cells in an attempt to kill cancer cells.


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These drugs come in many forms, some are liquids that are injected into a person suffering from cancer. The treatment and anti-cancer drugs over the counter depends on many factors, such as; location of cancer, severity, surgery or radiation therapy, and others.


There are various classes of generic anti-cancer drugs, including; alkylating agents, antimetabolites, natural products and hormones.


Side effects


Cancer cells are similar to normal human cells, anti-cancer OTC medicines are toxic to normal cells and can, therefore, cause many side effects which can also be life-threatening.


The following are anti-cancer drugs over the counter;



  • Increased risk of catching an infection or infectious disease
  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea, vomiting and other digestive problems
  • Whole-body pain
  • Male and female fertility problems can be permanent.


The prolonged use of generic antineoplastic drugs can lead to the development of secondary cancers.


The side effects associated with Anti-cancer medicines can be reduced through the use of multiple agents. Whereas, the use of multiple agents can further reduce the incidence of cellular resistance.


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