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Birth Control

Birth control is termed as the use of various types of drugs, agents or sexual practices to prevent pregnancy in a woman.


The most commonly used method of birth control is birth control medications also known as birth control pills or oral contraceptives. These pills are an effective way of birth control. According to a survey, it is 99% effective.


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This method enables people to choose if they want a baby or not.


How does birth control pills work?


Birth control pills or over the counter birth control medicines work by precluding your body from ovulating, it doesn’t let the ovaries release eggs each month. Also, these pills thicken your cervical mucus which helps the sperm from reaching the uterus.


How to use a birth control pill?


Combination pills come in different formats, such as; 21-day, 24-day or 28-day cycles. Extended regimens can follow up to 91-day cycle.


Benefits of birth control pill


Generic birth control medicines have a number of benefits, such as;


- It is very effective

- It protects you 24/7

- It helps regulate the menstrual cycle

- fully reversible


Side effects


Before Buying birth control tablets online, check with your doctor about all the side effects;


- decreased sex drive

- nausea

- bleeding between periods

- breast tenderness


If you witness these side effects, they will improve after a few months of using the pill.


Risks of birth control pills


The use of birth control pills increases the risk of blood clots which can further lead to;


- deep vein thrombosis

- heart attack

- stroke

- pulmonary embolism


The risk of blood clots is higher in certain women, especially; women who are overweight, women with high blood pressure, are on complete bed rest for a longer period of time.


Buying birth control tablets online from us is the easiest as you don’t have to go anywhere, just sit at home and order.

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