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A seizure is changed in a human’s brain’s electrical activity, causing dramatic, noticeable symptoms. It also tends in some cases to show no symptoms at all. Symptoms of a severe seizure include; violent shaking and loss of control. Seizures can also lead to injury or could be a sign of underlying medical conditions. However, treatment can help with the use of generic anti-seizure medicines, though, this condition cannot be cured.


Symptoms of seizure


In some cases, symptoms can occur even before a seizure attack, these include;


-      A sudden feeling of fear or anxiousness

-      Dizziness

-      Change in vision

-      Out of body sensation

-      A headache


Symptoms that are signs of a seizure in progress;


-      Losing consciousness

-      Uncontrollable muscle spasm

-      Falling

-      Drooling

-      Falling

-      Clenching of the teeth

-      Biting your tongue

-      Rapid eye movement

-      Grunting

-      Bowel function

-      Mood changes




The causes of seizure can be due to several health conditions, such as;


-      Alcohol withdrawal

-      Meningitis

-      Brain injury during childbirth

-      Brain defect present at birth

-      Choking

-      Drug abuse

-      Drug withdrawal

-      A fever

-      Epilepsy

-      A fever

-      A stroke

-      A brain tumor

-      Kidney or liver failure

-      Electric shock


Seizures can also run in families, inform your doctor if you have had a family history of a seizure. Seizure medications can help you treat the symptoms.


Types of seizure


There are two major types of seizures;


-      Focal onset seizures

-      Generalized onset seizures


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Effects of seizure


If you don’t get the treatment done at the right time, there is a tendency that the symptoms can become worse and longer in duration. Also, seizures can lead to death or coma.


Consult a doctor, and he shall prescribe you the best seizure medication for your condition.


The effects can lead to injuries, such as falls or trauma.




Treatment depends on the cause of the seizure.


-      Over the counter seizure medicines.

-      Surgery

-      Never stimulation

-      Ketogenic diet


With regular treatment, you can decrease or stop seizure symptoms.


Side effects


Anti-seizure tablets side effects are as follows;


-      Drowsiness

-      Irritability

-      Nausea

-      Rash

-      Clumsiness


There are antiseizure medications for anxiety, as well.

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