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Inflammation is a part of a human’s defense mechanism and plays a huge role in the healing process. A person’s body creates an inflammation to protect the body from infection, injury or disease.


Inflammation is classified into two main types;


Acute inflammation- This occurs for a short period of time. However, it resolves in two weeks or less than it.


Chronic inflammation- this is a less severe form of inflammation. This lasts longer than six weeks. This inflammation can be linked to autoimmune disorders and even prolonged stress.


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The following are the 5 signs of inflammation;


- Heat

- Pain

- Redness

- Swelling

- Loss of function


Chronic inflammation can include;


- Body pain

- Insomnia

- Depression or other mood disorders

-  Weight gain

- Frequent interactions


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Causes of inflammation


There are many factors that can cause inflammation;


- Chronic and acute conditions

- Certain medicines

- Foreign materials your body can’t eliminate


Also, there are certain kinds of foods that can worsen inflammation in people with autoimmune disorders.


These foods include;


- Sugar

- Refined carbohydrates

- Alcohol

- Processed meats

- Trans fat


However, there are medicines to treat inflammation, that your doctor can prescribe.


There are many herbal medications as well as inflammation generic drugs to treat inflammation.




The treatment of inflammation depends on the cause and severity of your conditions. There are a variety of medicines present, such as; Anti-inflammatory OTC tablets, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), pain relievers, corticosteroids that can be present in the form of pills, injections, inhaler or creams and others.


Side effects


The following are inflammation medications side effects;


- Stomach pain and heartburn.

- Stomach ulcers.

- A tendency to bleed more, especially when taking aspirin. ...

- Headaches and dizziness.

- Ringing in the ears.

- Allergic reactions such as rashes, wheezing, and throat swelling.

- Liver or kidney problems. ...

- High blood pressure.

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