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HCG Injections

HCG injections are widely used to treat certain conditions in males and females. It contains the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which is produced by the cells of the placenta during the pregnancy phase. In females, it works to increase the chances of viable pregnancy by causing ovulation and releasing mature eggs for fertilization. On the other hand, in males, it increases sperm count, boosts testosterone levels, and triggers conditions known as cryptorchidism.

What is HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and How Does It Work?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is mainly a hormone that is produced by an organ named ‘placenta.’ This organ helps in nourishing the egg after it has been fertilized, hence, clings onto the uterine wall after implantation. The maximum number of HCG is found in females who are expecting or are pregnant. The presence of the HCG hormone is usually the sign of pregnancy in home pregnancy tests.


It is used as fertility drugs to help the follicles mature and trigger ovulation. Generic HCG also helps in many ways; it benefits both men and women. It helps by promoting the growth of sperm count in men, whereas, in women, it helps encourage the eggs to release. Therefore, helping both male and female infertility issues.


HCG is also given to young boys if their testicles have not dropped down into the scrotum usually, however, this can cause early puberty that can, therefore, result in a deepened voice, pubic hair growth, increased acne, and sweat. HCG has many endogenous forms, namely, C-terminal peptide total HCG, total HCG, intact HCG, β-core fragment HCG, hyperglycosylated HCG, and likewise, many others. However, HCG can be harmful if not used properly.


According to a survey, it is said that women who take HCG injections for getting pregnant also have chance of developing a grievous condition called Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) after the first course of treatment is done.

How should we Use this Medication?

You can take HCG in two ways. It can either be injected into a muscle or under your skin. It’s recommended that you speak with your healthcare provider to ensure the best way for you to take the HCG injection before starting the procedure. Most doctors prefer injecting hcg subcutaneously into the fat layer under the skin or above your muscles.


The best subcutaneous sites to inject hcg are the side (or back) of the upper arm, lower abdomen, and front of the thigh. Sometimes it’s important to inject hcg directly into the body’s muscles so that it can get absorbed quicker. These locations can be a little hard to reach on your own, so it's better to ask someone to help you to do the injection. The best intramuscular sites to inject HCG are the outer arm and upper outer buttocks.


Make sure to take it as directed on your prescription. Always dispose of your used needles and syringes in a sharp container after using them. Do not share hcg injections with others. Do not miss a dose of your hcg injection, as your treatment depends on the proper usage of the medicine. Do not take extra dosage than prescribed by your doctor.

Benefits of HCG Injection

Benefits of HCG injection for Men:

  • It improves fertility as hcg injections increase sperm production by making the testes produce testosterone.

  • It helps in restoring the volume of the testicles.

  • It helps increase libido and improve the sex life.

  • It reduces the feeling of hunger.

  • Hcg injections help increase the testosterone levels which increases the endurance and performance hence improving the overall athletic performance.

Benefits of HCG injection for Females:

  • It helps in losing extra fat content in the body

  • It helps in improving the sex life.

  • It supports pregnancy and treats infertility issues.

  • It boosts metabolism and helps you feel energized.

  • It helps reduce the feeling of hunger.

  • It increases endurance and performance.

Side Effects Associated with using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Hcg)?

You should contact your doctor if you experience the following hCG injection side effects:

  • Severe allergic reactions – Swelling of the tongue and lips, rashes, and breathing issues.

  • OHSS – You can have extreme stomach and pelvic pain, swelling, vomiting, nausea, sudden weight gain, and diarrhea.

  • Ruptured or swollen ovarian cysts – Sharp, dull, sudden pain, heaviness, and bloating in the lower belly.

  • Blood Clots – chest pain, warmth, tenderness in legs and arms, weakness on one side of the body, vision changes, trouble speaking and walking.

Common side effects of HCG injection:

  • Headache

  • Irritability

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Tiredness

  • Restlessness

  • Skin redness

  • Rash

  • Itchy skin

  • Pain at injection site

  • Early puberty

  • Edema

  • Growth of breasts in males


If you witness symptoms like; swollen hands and legs, shortness of breath, weight gain, significant pelvic pain, diarrhea, urinating less than normal, etc. seek immediate medical help. Taking HCG injections can also cause multiple pregnancies, which can be life-threatening for the mother. HCG injections are given to women under the skin or into the muscle. Some brands offer HCG dose in powder form, which needs to be mixed with the liquid given along with it and then injected.


Note: If you are taking HCG injections all by yourself at home, it is very important for you to have proper knowledge of how it is done. Fully understanding the process is very important before self-injecting it.

How Much does HCG Cost?

The average cost of HCG injections depends on your insurance coverage. It also depends on your brand and where you buy your HCG. If you have insurance, they will only cost you $5-$20 for a month’s supply. If you do not have insurance, your cost will increase, depending on the brand you buy and from which local or online pharmacy you buy it. Buying from a local pharmacy, the hcg injection costs you around $20 for a 1000 IU vial, which is very high. Your per dosage cost will be $2-$3. So, you can purchase hcg injections online from a online pharmacy store like us, Day Night Drugs, and save up to 80% money on your overall drug cost. Buy HCG injections online from us and enjoy the savings. You can buy a 5000iu vial with us for only $10.47, and your per dosage cost will come down to $0.47.

What are the Dosages of Hcg?

You should consult a doctor or take professional guidance to learn about the dosage instructions of HCG injections. However, you can check out the dosage instructions mentioned below as a reference.

Adult Dosage for Ovulation Induction –

  • HCG – 5000IU to 10,000 IU, once a day, according to your last dosage.

  • r-HCG (subcutaneously) – 250mcg, once a day according to your last dosage of follicle-stimulating agent 

Adult Dosage for Hypogonadism (Male) –

  • HCG – 500IU to 1000IU; take it thrice a week for three weeks. Then shift to a different dosage of 500 to 1000IU twice a week for three weeks. OR,

  • Take 4000IU thrice a week for 6-9 months and then shift to 2000IU thrice a week for three months.


Before you order HCG injections online, it is advised to inform your doctor about all the medications that you have been taking, as certain drugs can interact with HCG medications causing some serious adverse effects. Do not use the injection if you are already pregnant. If you are wondering where to buy HCG online, Day Night Drugs is the place for you. So, order now and save more.

Warnings and Precautions for Hcg

HCG injection is given either under the skin or into the muscle. Do not self-inject unless you have the knowledge of how to inject at home. You can take guidance from your nurse or pharmacist on injecting hcg injections to be safe. Also, properly dispose of the medicine once you have used the needle and syringe. Below mentioned are a few warnings and precautions you should know about before you start the course:


  • If you are taking hcg injections, you are at a higher risk of developing a blood clot.

  • Some women taking hcg injections have been known to develop a condition called OHSS. If you experience symptoms like severe pelvic pain or difficulty breathing, seek immediate medical attention.

  • Young boys taking hcg injections can start puberty at an early age. They experience signs like a deepened voice, increased acne or sweating, and pubic hair growth.

  • If you are using hcg injections to get pregnant, it increases your chances of having twins, triplets, etc., i.e., multiple pregnancies.

Difference between Generic HCG and Branded HCG injections

Generic HCG and Branded HCG injections have the same ingredient i.e., Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. They have the same effects and functions. They both are used for various reasons, such as to treat infertility, boost endurance, improve performance, and reduce hunger. The generic hcg is equivalent to its brand-name medicine but is usually less expensive. Generic hcg has a much lower research cost when compared to brand-name hcg injections.

What other Drugs will Affect HCG?

Various herbal and dietary supplements, such as blue cohosh, chaste berry, and black cohosh, may interact with hcg injections. One medication known to have a moderate interaction with HCG is Ganirelix. There may be some other drugs that are not mentioned here which may interact with hcg. Always speak to your doctor and inform him about your medical history and the medications you have been taking. It includes prescription, nonprescription drugs, minerals, and vitamins. Also, avoid smoking, drinking, and using illegal drugs.

Different Type of HCG Injection

A) Hcg 2000 IU Injection

Human chorionic gonadotropin, the primary component of 2000 iu hcg, is formed from the placental cells of an expecting mother. HCG 2000iu is safe to be used for infertility treatment. It also helps in treating issues like delayed puberty in children. The peak concentration of the medicine in the body can be achieved after 6 hours and remains active for around 10-24 hours.

B) Hcg 5000 IU Injection

HCG 5000 iu is used to treat infertility issues in women. 5000 iu hcg injections also help in the treatment of low sperm count and delayed puberty, categorized as male hypogonadism. Its primary function is to release eggs from the ovary and increase testosterone levels in men. The potency widely used for these purposes is 5000 iu of hcg. You can buy 5000 iu hcg from our product list below and get the lowest price possible, as our injection hcg 5000 iu for sale is available at $10.47 per vial.

C) Hcg 10000 IU Injection

HCG 10000iu is a hormone that causes ovulation to treat infertility problems in women. Men also buy hcg 10000 iu to treat hypogonadism. It is a medical condition where men cannot produce enough testosterone levels, and there is a low sperm count. It is even used in young boys whose testicles have not grown and dropped into the scrotum as they normally should. Always refrigerate your hcg medication and learn how to give HCG injections at home from your nurse or a doctor.


1. Does it hurt after hCG injection?

HCG injection is usually injected subcutaneously. It means that it will be injected into the layer of fat just above the muscle or under the skin, so it saves you from pain. Although you can sometimes feel numbness and pain at the site of injection.

2. How much do HCG injections cost on average?

HCG injections can cost you around $150- $200 for a month's supply. But if you buy from us, a hcg 5000iu injection will cost you $10.47 only and will last for a month.

3. Can hCG injections prevent miscarriage?

HCG injections are considered helpful when trying to conceive, and it also helps in avoiding a miscarriage.

4. How much hCG injection for fertility?

Kindly consult your doctor for the dosage instructions, and thereafter, you can buy hcg injections for fertility only at $10 from us.

5. How long can you take HCG injections for weight loss?

The primary use of this medication is to address the issues related to fertility in men and women. However, if you are taking hCG for weight loss, you need to stick to the dosage recommended by your doctor for a specific period. The hCG injections stimulate the hypothalamus gland to discharge the stored fat. You need to ensure you don’t take it for more than 40 days. In order to start a new hCG for weight loss, you will have to wait at least six weeks.

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