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Dementia is a condition characterized as a decline in memory. It affects not only a person’s memory but also language and other thinking skills that hamper the ability to perform daily chores. Abnormal brain changes cause dementia, these changes trigger your thinking skills, which is also known as cognitive abilities and make it hard for one to make decisions or to daily tasks.

However, there are medications for treating dementia that can help cope with all the imparity it creates.


Symptoms of dementia


The symptoms of dementia are said to vary immensely. Here we are going to characterize the symptoms on two bases; cognitive changes and psychological changes;


Cognitive changes


- Memory loss

- Unable to communicate

- Difficulty with visual and spatial abilities

- Difficulty reasoning

- Unable to organize and planning

- Confusion and disorientation

- Unable to handle complex tasks


Psychological changes


- Anxiety

- Paranoia

- Hallucinations

- Agitation

- Personality changes

- Depression


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Dementia is caused due to the loss of nerve cells in the brain. Depending on which area the brain has been damaged, dementia can affect many people differently with various symptoms.


Treatment & care


Treatment of dementia depends on its cause. If you are going through the most progressive dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, then there is no cure and no treatment that can slow or stop it. However, there are medications or over the counter dementia medicines that can help treat or improve the symptoms.

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Dementia can affect many body systems and therefore, can lead to; poor nutrition, pneumonia, inability to perform self-care tasks, personal safety challenges, and death.

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Though there are no ways to prevent dementia, you can adopt the following changes that may be beneficial;

- Keep your mind and body active

- Quit smoking

- Get enough vitamins

- Treat health conditions

- Maintain a healthy diet

- Get quality sleep


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