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Female infertility

Female Infertility is when you try to get pregnant for almost a year without any success or positive results. According to a survey, around 10-18 percent of couples in the US suffer from infertility. The most common cause for this condition is problems in ovulation, damage of fallopian tube or problems with cervix. Age is also a big factor; as you age your fertility decreases naturally.


It is said that up to age 35; you should try to get pregnant for at least a year before you get to a conclusion or start any kind of treatment.


If you are between the age 35-40; consult a doctor after 6 months of trying.


If you are older than 40; treatments can begin right away.


However, there are many infertility tablets for women available in the market which can help them in this process. You can order cheap female infertility medicines from Day Night Drugs and enjoy the amazing offers.


Female infertility can also be caused due to the following reasons;


  • Age- as you age, the fertility decreases naturally and automatically making it difficult for you to conceive.


  • Smoking- Tobacco causes multiple harmful effects on fertility. It is highly advised to quit smoking if you are planning to get pregnant.


  • Weight- If you are overweight or underweight then you are at higher risks of ovulation disorders. Exercising moderately is a must but keep in mind intense exercise of more than 5 hours can cause decreased ovulation.


  • Stress- This is also one major factor that can cause infertility. Studies have shown that couples experiencing psychological stress had poorer results with infertility treatments.


  • Alcohol- Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to decreased fertility. Any alcohol can majorly affect the health of a developing foetus. It is not advised to drink while you are planning to become pregnant or while you’re already pregnant.


So, in order to avoid any complications, it is best for a female to quit all the above listed things.


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It is very important to know the fertility pills side-effects beforehand to avoid any mishap.


  • Mood swings, anxiety, depression
  • Nausea, vomiting, headaches, cramps, breast tenderness
  • OHS
  • Multiple births
  • Risk of pregnancy loss


So, check and consult your doctor before you start taking female infertility tablets.


Though, there are many preventive measures one can take if they are planning to get pregnant but even if you fail to conceive there are many female infertility treatments as well as options where you can buy infertility medications that can help you in conceiving.


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