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Truth Behind Some Common Breast Cancer Myths


Over the years, the fear of getting infected with Cancer has remained the same. It is still considered to be fearful amongst all other diseases. Out of all the categories of Cancer, breast cancer is one such kind that is most likely to occur in women and rarely in men. It happens when some breast cells start growing abnormally, divide rapidly and accumulate to form a lump or mass. 


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Read more to know the truths behind the myths that will knock your socks off. 


Women without a family history will not have breast cancer. 


The majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have any family history of the same. Hence, it clearly states that breast cancer can occur in women who may or may not have any family history. 

Being a woman is one of the significant risk factors for breast cancer. Studies unveil that 1 in 8 women in the United States of America will encounter breast cancer during their life. Breast cancer can develop in any woman, irrespective of the age, health, medical history, etc. And women with a medical history of the same need to be really vigilant.

Regardless of a family history of breast cancer, every woman starting at the age of 40 should get an annual mammography. A genetics counselor should assess women by the age of 30 who have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer. Breast cancer screening for this group of women may need to start before they turn 40.

 Dr. Zeidman highlights the importance of checkups to avoid dilemmas.


Under-wire bras and underarm antiperspirants can cause breast cancer.


No reports or evidence has been found to date stating that using antiperspirants or under-wire bras can cause breast cancer.


Breast cancer is more likely to occur in young women. 


Breast cancer can occur in any woman, regardless of age group. However, 95% of the cases occur in women aged 40 and above. Studies believe the risk of developing breast cancer increases with the growing age. 

As per studies, the risk of encountering breast cancer at a young age is rare. However, people with a family history might have to face it at a young age as well. Irrespective of your age, whenever you feel any discomfort in your chest, you should bring that discomfort to your doctor’s attention immediately. Early diagnosis can prevent the symptoms from worsening.

 New reports unveil that 5% of cases of new breast cancer are in young women who are below the age of 40. There have been cases where breast cancer was diagnosed in teenagers and 20s as well. In such cases, the family history of breast cancer has been very strong.


Mammograms are painful and unsafe.


Mammography is the best technology to detect breast cancer in its early stages. The modern mammography equipment is designed to minimize the degree of discomfort and make the process very seamless. 


Having silicone breast implants increases the risk of breast cancer.


Though silicone breast implants may cause scar tissue formation in the breast, as per several studies, they do not increase the chance of breast cancer. 


An injury to the breast may cause breast cancer.


Any trauma or injury to the breast will not cause breast cancer. However, the damage may draw attention to an already present breast lump. In addition, it may result in breast alterations that resemble breast cancer on visualization. 

On a mammography test, this process, known as "fat necrosis," might seem like an uneven lump with jagged edges, resembling the symptoms of a newly discovered breast cancer. A needle biopsy is the most reliable approach to separate cancer from fat necrosis.


Breast cancer is responsible for killing more women than any other disease. 


Although breast cancer is a significant health concern, as per reports, more American women die due to lung cancer and heart disease

As you all know, breast cancer is one the deadliest diseases, affecting thousands of women and men every year.  As per statistics, breast cancer comes out more common in women than men. Only 1% out of all breast cancer cases are men. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women in the USA. However, the death rate due to breast cancer has been constantly declining over time.

Breast cancer remains the second leading cause of death due to cancer among women. 240,000 women are diagnosed with the deadliest disease, i.e., Breast cancer, each year in the United States of America. On the other hand, approximately 2,100 men encounter breast cancer each year. The lives of 42,000 women and 500 men come to an end each year due to breast cancer. 

On the basis of race, the death rate is quite higher in black women as compared to all other women.


Only women can get breast cancer.


Breast cancer is more common in women than in men. Nevertheless, men too have breast tissue and can also develop breast cancer. You will be shocked to know that 1% of all breast cancer cases are in men in the US.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) unveiled that the United States reported 2,300 new cases and 50 deaths in males only in the year 2017. However, breast cancer is not much common in males, but people with a family history are at risk.

If you encounter any pain or lump in your chest, you should get medical help straight away. Delaying to get in touch with your healthcare professional can worsen symptoms.


Maintaining a healthy body weight, practicing routine exercise, sticking to a balanced diet, and maintaining a wholesome lifestyle will not cause breast cancer.


Undoubtedly, the factors mentioned above can help lower the risk of developing breast cancer; but they cannot stamp it out. 

The journey of battling Cancer isn’t that easy. Apart from the treatment, it takes a lot of courage to strive through it. If you or anyone close to you has Cancer, be the first one to educate them about the truth behind these myths. Calm yourself down and be patient with the process; you will pass through it soon. 

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