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5 ways to lower blood pressure


High blood pressure or hypertension is considered when the blood pressure of a human raises above 140/90. When a person’s blood pressure is high, the blood circulation through the arteries is more forceful. Hence, this increases the pressure on the soft and delicate tissues in the arteries, damaging the blood vessels.

Normally, hypertension is said to have zero symptoms, which, if left untreated for a longer period of time, can cause health conditions, such as; a stroke or heart disease. Due to not showing any manifestations, hypertension is also known as a ‘silent killer.’ Therefore, half of the people ailing from it are unaware that they have hypertension. 

However, high blood pressure symptoms include; severe headache, vision problems, fatigue, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, irregular heartbeat.


Checking blood pressure

According to a survey, hypertension is said to affect about half of American adults.

However, eating healthy and limiting the consumption of salt, along with exercising and medications, can succeed in lowering high blood pressure. 

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Today in this blog, we will let you know how the following ways can help you achieve low blood pressure. 



First and foremost, exercise is said to be a very crucial part if you want to lower your blood pressure. Doctors recommend exercising for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day. 

Exercise not only benefits in lowering blood pressure but also elevates mood, strength, and balance. It reduces the risk of diabetes and other heart diseases. 

If you are not a big fan of the gym, you can always go hiking, jogging, and swimming. 


Say bye to your nicotine addiction

Every cigarette you smoke can raise your blood pressure for several minutes, temporarily. If you are a chain smoker, your blood pressure can be elevated for a longer period of time. 

Do not smoke if you have high blood pressure as it can be harmful and can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. 

So, quit smoking as it can have many other health benefits, and it can help you bring your blood pressure to normal. 

You can also buy smoking cessation medicines online from us if you plan to quit smoking.


The DASH diet

The Dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH) diet can rapidly lower your blood pressure and is said to be very effective. The diet consists of the following;


- Eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

- Removing saturated fats, such as processed foods, dairy products, and fatty meats 

- Eating low-fat dairy products, lean meats, fish and nuts 


Also, do not have too many desserts, soda, and juices. 


Limit alcohol

Excess amounts of alcohol can lead to a number of health issues, including high blood pressure. Alcohol consumption on a daily basis can also decrease the effectiveness of certain drugs for hypertension


Do not stress

Stress can temporarily raise blood pressure levels. Stress can be of any kind, work stress, relationship stress, and others. 

Help identify the triggers that cause stress and try to avoid them for your own benefit and to keep your hypertension in the normal range. 



Try to avoid the causes of high blood pressure. Regularly visit your doctor to keep a tab on your blood pressure. Your treatment plan may include lifestyle changes, medication, a combination of therapies, and others. Lowering your salt intake can really have a huge impact on your blood pressure. A lifestyle change is a must if you want to lower your blood pressure, medications alone will not help if you do not adopt other methods. 


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