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5 effective ways to lower blood pressure


Hypertension is defined as a condition in which the blood's force is too high against the artery walls. Usually, a blood pressure above 140/90 is considered high blood pressure, whereas 180/120 is regarded as severe hypertension. This condition raises the chances of a heart attack and stroke, making this a life-threatening ailment. 

Hypertension or high blood pressure is known as a ‘silent killer’ for one major reason: no symptoms at all in most cases. 


In the US, hypertension is said to be the primary cause of death among all other diseases. About one in three adults are said to have high blood pressure in the United States. 

Though this condition can cause a stroke, it can be treated if the right measures are taken, including a healthy diet with less salt, regular workout, and medications prescribed by your doctor. 

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So, here are the five effective ways to lower your blood pressure levels.



People who are overweight are at higher risk of high blood pressure. It is advised to lose a few pounds if you wish to lower the risk of hypertension. According to a survey, losing weight has significantly reduced blood pressure. 



A diet called the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is considered the best diet for lower blood pressure. 

If you still find it challenging to take out time to exercise, you can divide it into segments throughout the day. 

You can follow the following to keep yourself active, such as; using the stairs, walking, doing household chores, gardening, cycling, and playing any sport. 

Just make sure you do all of this regularly and do at least some workout or moderate activity. 



Cut back on your salt intake as it can significantly lower your blood pressure. Increase the intake of potassium as it reduces the effects of salt in your system and relaxes the blood vessels. However, individuals with kidney disease should not consume potassium-rich diets. 



When you stop smoking, it is beneficial for your overall health. Smoking immediately increases your blood pressure and heart rate, though, for a small period. 

However, smoking can, in the long run, damage your blood vessels and narrow your arteries, which can lead to high blood pressure. 

So, it is advised to quit smoking and lower the risk of further complications. 



Dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure. Make sure the dark chocolate you are having is 60-70% cocoa. According to studies, it is found that eating one to two pieces of dark chocolate can help lower the risk of heart disease as it reduces inflammation as well as blood pressure. 

Apart from these lifestyle changes, hypertension generic drugs play a significant role in the treatment. Both go hand in hand. 



Regular checkups and tabs on your blood pressure and cholesterol are essential. These two conditions can hurt your heart. The above is all about high blood pressure, keeping a check on what you eat, and what activities you get involved in is very necessary. A small effort can make a drastic change in your overall health and wellbeing. Also, it is advised not to take too much stress as it can affect your health majorly. 


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