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What are the various uses of HCG?


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone also known as 'pregnancy hormone' that supports the healthy development of an egg in a woman's ovary, thereby, stimulating the release of the egg during ovulation. Therefore, this is the main reason for which HCG is used- to cause ovulation and to treat female Infertility.

Apart from this, HCG also helps in increasing the sperm count in men who naturally have a low sperm count.


How does HCG help in Female Infertility?


The causes of female Infertility include problems with ovulation, harm to fallopian tubes, or difficulty with the cervix. One of the biggest reasons also has to do with a woman's age. With age, fertility naturally tends to decrease.

HCG can be used alone, or with an ovulation induction cycle as with intrauterine insemination or during vitro fertilization. The maximum time ovulation can take is approximately 36 hours after it has been injected.

HCG shot

Now let us talk about the reasons due to which the fallopian tube and uterus can be damaged.


-    Pelvic inflammatory disease

-    A previous infection

-    Scar tissue or adhesions

-    Congenital disability

-    Chronic medical illness

-    DES syndrome

-    Polyps in the uterus


Apart from these reasons, abnormal cervical mucus is also a significant reason to cause female Infertility.

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Pregnancy Test


Talking about a pregnancy test, it is essential to remember that HCG is a hormone that is the main thing detected in a urine pregnancy test. When you take HCG medication, it has full chances to remain in a women's body and urine for up to 2 weeks.

Therefore, the pregnancy test would turn out to be positive every time you check. So, it is advised to wait for at least two weeks before you do a pregnancy test to get the actual result.


HCG for the treatment of testosterone


HCG for testosterone is used in men with testosterone deficiency, i.e., men with testosterone blood levels less than 300 nanograms per decilitre. There are a few manifestations a man would witness when suffering from testosterone deficiency, let's have a look at them;


-    Fatigue

-    Low sex drive

-    Depressed mood

-    Stress


Here, HCG can help you increase testosterone levels, increase fertility as well as gonad size.

HCG acts like a luteinizing hormone (LH) that stimulates Leydig cells in a man's testicles, which then results in the production of testosterone.




HCG is safe when used under the guidance of your doctor. It is not recommended to be used by men with prostate cancer, brain cancers, or uncontrolled thyroid disease.

Every medicine comes with side-effects, but when used appropriately, the results would always turn out to be as expected. But, we should also keep in mind that everyone's body reacts differently to medications so, it is imperative to understand your body. 




HCG is a medication that is used to treat specific conditions in both men and women. However, it is essential to consult a healthcare provider before you use it.

HCG does not promise you to give 100% results, but for many, it has been a miracle medication by completely changing their lives.

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