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7 Important Risk Factors for Breast Cancer


The most common cancer among women is the second most common when compared to overall cancers in general. Yes, you got it right, today we are going to talk about breast cancer. Every woman suffering from it wants to know what they can do to lower the risk of such a dangerous disease. Several factors play a major role when it comes to breast cancer. Some of those risk factors are in your hands to control and can be prevented, while some are associated with things like genetics, age, etc., that can’t be changed or stopped.


Determine risk factors of Breast Cancer


Having a risk factor doesn’t mean that you will surely get breast cancer, and in the same way, there are possibilities of developing breast cancer without any risk factor. Based on various researches and studies, we have put together the risk factors for breast cancer. In case you witness any of the mentioned risk factors, you should immediately consult your doctor to diagnose and begin some generic breast cancer medications.


Women are generally more prone to breast cancer as compared to men. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone are responsible for increasing the growth of breast cancer cells in women. So, being a woman is a risk factor.


The older a woman gets, the higher are the chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Mostly, breast cancer cases are found in women of age 50 or more.

Family History

A woman is more likely to have breast cancer if her parents or sibling had it. So, if your first-degree family relatives have been diagnosed with breast cancer, your risk is doubled. Stay in touch with your doctor in such cases.

Menstrual History

If a woman started her menstrual cycles before turning 12 and menopause after 55, this increases breast cancer risk. It merely is because estrogen and progesterone stayed longer in the body, responsible for developing breast cancer cells.


Overweight and obese women have a high risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer than women who stay fit and maintain weight. So, staying fit and healthy should be your mantra to avoid breast cancer.


Drinking alcohol in excess is directly linked to breast cancer. Consuming alcohol daily increases the risk of breast cancer and many more serious diseases. So, it is recommended to always drink in balance.

Taking Hormones

Women taking hormones like estrogen and progesterone during menopause can increase the risk of breast cancer. Some oral birth control pills are also found to have artificial hormones, which can escalate the threat.


These are the most common risk factors for breast cancer. Some other factors include smoking, reproductive history, dense breasts, breastfeeding history, low vitamin D levels, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and chemical exposure. Some of these risk factors can be easily controlled by you, while others are not in your hands. So, follow a healthy routine. Regularly consult your doctor about the risk factors that you might be exposed to. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, worry not! There are many effective treatments out there, and if your doctor prescribes you medicine, you can purchase cheap breast cancer drugs online. Have a great day!

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