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Tips to Stop Hair Loss & Balding


Hair loss is a concern for a lot of people. So, you are not alone. Around 1 in 5 Americans have hair loss issues. We know there are Hair loss treatments available and not just one, but many. But which one to adopt depends on why you’re losing your hair in the first place.

What causes hair loss? There can be several reasons such as medical conditions, hormonal changes, stress, thyroid issues, hairstyle products, heredity, scalp infection, or simply aging. In some situations, hair loss in women during and after pregnancy resolves itself. But usually, if you notice hair loss, it’s time to do something about it. In this blog, we will be answering the most common question asked: “How to stop hair loss?”


Hair loss and balding


How to Stop Hair Loss

Protein-Rich Diet

Many people with hair loss have low protein intake. The hair follicles are made up of a protein known as keratin, and researchers advise that having a protein-rich diet helps prevent further hair loss. Healthy picks include fish, nuts, eggs, chicken, low-fat dairy products, etc.


Medications can help in controlling hair loss and promoting new hair growth. You can buy medicines for hair loss control such as Minoxidil, Phenylephrine, and Finasteride. Some medications might require a prescription, and some are available over-the-counter. However, before you opt for any medication, you must consult your doctor first. 

Multivitamin Supplements

The role of vitamins and minerals in preventing hair loss is still unclear. But, scientists recommend the intake of Vitamin A, B, C, D, iron, zinc, and selenium for hair retention and growth process. You can consult your doctor for suitable multivitamin tablets or pills.

Coconut & Olive Oil

Some studies suggest that hair loss caused due to ultraviolet light damage or grooming habits so coconut oil helps to prevent it. And, Olive oil can be used to protect the hair from dryness and unnecessary breakage. It also slows down genetic hair loss and strengthens your hair.

Regular Washing

Washing hair daily or thrice a week can protect your hair from hair loss by keeping the scalp healthy and clean. The critical point to notice here is the shampoo that you use. Understand your scalp type and choose the right shampoo accordingly. You can consult a dermatologist or skincare specialist for advice on the same.

Gentle Styling

Skip the ponytails or tight braids as that might pull your hair from the roots, leading to excessive shedding. Also, let your hair dry to avoid irritation on the scalp. Some styling devices like curling or straightening irons may also break or damage the hair shaft. So, stay to basic and gentle hair styling.

Laser Therapy

Lastly, low-level lasers therapy (LLLT) can improve the hair density in some people who lost their hair due to chemotherapy or genetic reasons. Also known as red light therapy, it works efficiently by stimulating epidermal stem cells. You can either get it done by a hair specialist or can get the laser device at home.

So, these are the different solutions and ways through which you can prevent hair loss. If the condition worsens or isn’t improving with these, book an appointment with a doctor for proper medical treatment. The only thing to remember here is to keep patience as most of the remedies take time. So if you want to control your hair loss or avoid it, take good care of your hair.

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