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What are the Advantages of Mammography


The month of October is observed as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month.’ During this month, many events are created to spread awareness of this cancer type. These awareness events’ prime focus from the past four decades has been to help raise the visibility of the most prevalent cancer types on earth--breast cancer being one of it. Talking about ancient times, breast cancer was considered taboo, an unspeakable condition in which women were left to suffer in silence.

This stigma fuelled academic ignorance and was left as an unstudied disease until a few feminist groups elevated the study and treatment a few decades ago. Breast cancer is a treatable condition if diagnosed at an early stage. The importance of mammography plays a vital role in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Though it does not prevent breast cancer, it can help save and reduce a person’s life by 25-30% or more. It is advised that women start getting their mammography’s done yearly at the age of 40 or earlier. 


Breast cancer and mammography


Benefits of Mammography

Here are the different benefits of mammography:

· A life savior

As mentioned above, mammography can reduce the risk of dying as it helps you start your treatment as early as possible. The treatment of breast cancer involves; radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and breast cancer medications.  

· It is a safe procedure

Mammography is considered a safe and rapid procedure of about 20 minutes where there is a very tiny amount of radiation exposure from a mammogram. Getting yourself diagnosed early also further reduces the risk of losing your breasts or breast removal. 

· Get the best quality mammography.

If you have dense breasts and are under 50, we advise you to get digital mammography done. This helps enlarge the image on the computer and look through it more closely.

Piece of Advice

Mammography plays a critical role in diagnosing breast cancer. Search for a good mammologist and get yourself tested if you feel you are at risk of getting breast cancer. Do not fret about undergoing this procedure. However, please remember that an exceptional result that requires further testing does not always mean you have breast cancer. 

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