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Quick Remedies to Get Rid of Pink Eye(Conjunctivitis)


Pink eye, also more commonly known as conjunctivitis, is when the white part turns reddish or pink, causing itching. This condition is caused due to a bacterial or viral infection and is said to be highly contagious. Viral pink eye is a common cold in the eye that cannot be treated with any medication. This eye infection fades away automatically within a week. Therefore, the bacterial eye is a condition where your eye produces more mucus or pus. Conjunctivitis spreads through contact with eye secretions from someone infected.

The pink eye or conjunctivitis symptoms include; itchiness, gooey discharge from your eyes, watery eyes, sensitivity to bright lights, and sudden irritation in your eye. 

Although Pink eye stays for a week or two and is not a severe state. But, still, if you do not want this infection to bug you, keep reading.


Pink eye


Quick Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Today, in this blog, we are going to share some tips that can help you get rid of pink eye even faster. However, how much can these home remedies give you relief depends on how severe your conjunctivitis is. 

1. Cool Compress

Pink eye causes inflammation around the eye that can cause irritation and can be painful as well. Using a cold compress can help reduce the inflammation and can soothe the eye. 

2. Damp Cloth

A thick discharge or pus is witnessed when a person goes through a bacterial pink eye. This can cause the eyes to stick together and make it difficult for you to open the eye. We advise you to use a warm damp cloth to remove the pus around the eye formed on the edges on the eyelid and lashes. 

3. Eye Drops

Lubricating eye care drops can soothe your eyes and dismiss burning in the eye. Antibiotic Eye drops are said to give you immense relief. They help in flushing out all the allergens, discharges, and irritants. 

4. Pain-Relievers

Certain OTC eye medications can help treat the symptoms, such as; ibuprofen. You could also take allergy medications, such as; antihistamine tablets, topical eye drops (lotemax eye drops), and others. 

What should one avoid

Moving forward, there are specific measures you must take to avoid making pink eye worse;

  • Do not use anti-redness eye drops as they tend to make your eye condition worse.

  • Do not try to use any herbs or foods onto your eye; they won’t be of any help. 

  • Change pillow covers and sheets daily

  • Use a clean towel

  • Change your contact lenses 

  • Clean your makeup eye brushes 

  • Avoid touching your eye


Pink eye is ubiquitous and can be treated with just a few simple methods. It is said to go on its own within a week or two; however, if it becomes unbearable and severe, we advise you to visit a doctor and get your eyes checked. Also, if you wear contact lenses, you should stop wearing them. Wear a fresh pair after your pink eye is completely gone. 

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