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Know The Different Stages of GERD


For many people, acid reflux or GERD is a simple condition that they encounter sometimes and deal with it by making changes in the lifestyle and eating habits. But that’s not the case with people who are suffering from severe types of GERD. It is a progressive and chronic situation, and the treatment depends on the disease stage. GERD medicines are enough for the treatment in some cases, but things are different in some severe cases.


Female experiencing Gastroesophageal (Acid) Reflux


There are a total of 4 stages of GERD, and understanding each of these will help you seek treatment to control the situation. So, let’s check out each stage below to get a better overview of any heartburn problem that you might be suffering from.

4 Different Stages of GERD (Heartburns)

Stage 1 – This stage is known as mild GERD. Patients suffering from stage 1 GERD face issues once in a while as there is minimal damage to their lower esophageal sphincter. Some patients can manage the pain and inconvenience caused by acid reflux, whereas some take medications to manage the symptoms. Even some minor changes in the lifestyle and practicing healthy eating habits can get the situation under control quickly.

Stage 2 – The severity of the symptoms increases a little, and the pain/heartburn seems intolerable in this stage. The after-effects of eating spicy food won’t let the patient sleep, and this surely requires medication and other preventive measures to control the situation from bursting into something big. After consulting a doctor for medications, a patient can get a prescription for gastroesophageal reflux disease medicines online and start the dosage to cure this immediately.

Stage 3 – Also sometimes referred to as severe GERD, stage 3 reduces the quality of a patient’s life. There are severe issues and intolerable heartburns. The damage to the lower esophageal sphincter is a lot, and the symptoms can’t be cured or rolled back with just medications. Patients are likely to have rapid esophageal inflammation, and an evaluation by an expert doctor is necessary to properly diagnose and treat the disease.

Stage 4 – Most cases of stage 4 are the result of multiple years of damage. It simply means untreated GERD for many years, resulting in severe conditions like Barrett’s esophagus and dysplasia. This can further lead to the formation of esophageal cancer if not treated immediately. Only medications can’t cure this condition, and surgical procedures are required to treat this situation permanently.

So, these are the different stages of GERD, and each one of these can be treated by giving time and due attention. As for mild GERD, people can go for medications after consulting with a doctor or control the condition by changing their lifestyle. But if the condition is critical, i.e., damage to the lower esophageal sphincter is severe, consulting a doctor for medications/surgery is a must. Your fast action can help you stop the spread of the disease further. Visit a doctor right away if you are regularly experiencing acid reflux or GERD. Prevention is always better than cure.

Have a great day. Stay fit! Stay healthy! Stay happy!

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