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How does stress affect an individual’s sex life?


‘Stress’ is a strong word and one word that isn’t good for anyone in any way. Stress does not only hamper you mentally, but it also impacts your physical health in many ways. According to a study, it is said that stress can harm different body systems of an individual. One of the major damages stress does is to your sex life; it directly attacks your libido naturally. While a person is in deep stress, his/her heart rate, blood flow automatically increases; hence, diminishing or lowering one's urge to have sex.


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How Stress Impacts Sexual Life

Here in this blog today, we are going to focus and discuss how stress can impact your sexual life.

1. Stress affects your libido

Cortisol is one hormone that is produced by stress, our body needs this hormone but in moderate amounts or small doses, elevated levels of this hormone for an extended period of time can affect your sex hormones, lowering your libido. 

2. Stress leads to a negative body image

Stress attacks our metabolism, making us gain or lose weight. This feeling can sometimes make us feel bad about ourselves, lowering and leading to a bad self-image and less sex creating problems in your relationship.

3. Stress can make you an alcoholic 

Alcohol has always been a way of escape for many sufferings, including stress. Prolonged drinking has never been good for any individual. Drinking too much makes it difficult to get an erection and causes dull sex. It dehydrates you, making lubrication challenging. Hence, destroying your sex life.

4. Stress impacts our fertility and the menstrual cycle

As mentioned above, stress affects your libido, therefore challenging your fertility. Stress affects your pituitary gland, which also controls your ovaries, hence, affecting the menstrual cycle. This causes your periods to be irregular or may stop your menstruation cycle completely. 

If you are trying to get pregnant, stress is one thing you should stay away from.


The effects of stress are insidious and can take a toll on your physical as well as mental health. So, staying calm and away from stress is one of the best things one can do for a better being. You can consult a doctor or a therapist that can help you in achieving a better stress-free life.

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