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5 Tips To Quit Smoking


Everyone who smokes knows how dangerous and harmful it is for their body; still, they end up smoking and don’t think of quitting. However, at the back of our mind, there are these constant thoughts that trigger us, whether to quit or not? And the majority of the time, we end up coming to terms with the fact that we won’t be able to stick to it and start smoking again. However, at first, it always seems impossible until you start. This is one line one should abide by if you are firm enough on quitting.

According to surveys done, it is believed and seen that making up your mind at first is the prime most step towards quitting. If you are not mentally prepared, nothing can help you quit it. The best way to make up your mind is to search for all the goods connected to quitting smoking and the wrongs as well to differentiate between “why smoking is not a good habit” and put it in your conscience.


quit smoking


Today, in this blog, we will list five tips that we have gathered from all around that can help you quit smoking for good. 

Tips For Quitting Smoking

1. Make a Plan

The first and foremost thing is to prepare yourself mentally. Research online and speak to people who have already been a nicotine survivor, get to know their stories. By doing so, you will get that extra encouragement and will be firmer and more confident about quitting it. Also, search for all the withdrawal symptoms so that it doesn’t come as a shock to you. Speak to a healthcare provider and ask for medications, such as; Nicorette chewing gum, that help in curbing cravings. 

2. Manage Your Cravings 

Cravings are a major and the most challenging part of quitting smoking. The drill is to keep yourself indulged in other activities that do not let you think about it. Talk to a friend, eat healthy, or do something that keeps you occupied and busy. 

3. Avoid Triggers

Avoiding is also very difficult, but if you are adamant enough and determined, you can achieve everything. Avoid going to parties or bars where you know you would end up smoking. Or for example, if you are in the habit of popping on a cigarette while talking over the phone, replace that with a pen or paper and occupy yourself with doodling. In order to get rid of this habit, you can seek professional help. 

4. Online Help

There are a plethora of online portals that help guide people and show the right direction. You can get yourself enrolled in any program and learn from people who have surpassed your stage. Talk to them, get to know their stories and struggles they went through during quitting. Speak to them about the difficulties you are facing. This way, you will not feel alone and left out and could relate well with others. Seek medical help if needed, your doctor may prescribe you generic Chantix 1mg tablets for your cravings and other methods. 

5. Get Moving

Get out and do some exercise to keep your mind diverted. You also opt for mild exercises where you can take your dog out for a walk, do gardening, yoga, and other activities. By doing so, you will also lose some calories and prevent cravings. 

Ask your healthcare provider about over the counter stop smoking pill and about all the side effects related to it. 

Take Away

“Where there is a will, there is a way,” abide by this line, and you shall sail through it.  

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