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A tube and a box Generic Synalar 0.1 Percent Skin Cream of 30gm - Fluocinolone acetonide

Generic Synalar 0.1 Percent Skin Cream of 30gm

  • Manufacturer Glenmark
  • Generic Name Fluocinolone acetonide (0.1% ) Cream
  • Rx Requirement This product requires a PRESCRIPTION
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  • Description

    Generic Synalar (Fluocinolone acetonide) is used to treat a number of skin disorders, such as; eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis, and other allergic reactions.

    Being a corticosteroid, it decreases the action of certain substances that cause inflammation.

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  • General Information

    All the health and medical information provided over here is for general purposes only. We, in no way, can match up to the expertise and judgement of your healthcare provider. Therefore, we would recommend you to always consult your doctor first before taking any drug or medication, to certify the safety and efficacy of it on you.

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  • Warning & Precautions

    Read the following precautions and directions to use before buying Synalar cream 30gm online: - 

    • Avoid applying the cream to your armpit, face, or groin area. 

    • Keep it away from the reach of pets and children. 

    • Inform your healthcare professional if you are pregnant. 

    • Avoid covering the treated area. 

    • Do not use Synalar topical 0.1% cream of 30gm if you are allergic to it or any of the ingredients present in it.

    • Inform your medical instructor about your medical history, especially of; poor blood circulation, diabetes, and immune system problems.

    • It is not advisable to use the medication on infected or sore areas. 

    • This cream also has the tendency to slow down a child's growth if used for a long time.

    • During pregnancy, this medicine should be taken only when clearly needed.

    • Inform your healthcare practitioner if you are a breastfeeding mother. 

    • Do not use Synalar cream over the counter for a longer period of time or on larger skin areas.

  • Side Effects

    The following are the side effects of this cream; check before you start using it to be on the safer side: -

    • burning, irritation of treated skin

    • Itching

    • increased hair growth

    • white or "pruned" appearance of the skin

    • Pimples, rashes

    • changes in the color of treated skin

    • High blood sugar level

    • Worsening of the skin condition

    • Redness and swelling

    • Possible signs of absorbing the medication through the skin

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  • Directions to use

    • Apply this cream exactly as prescribed.

    • This is used on the skin only.

    • Wash your hands before you start using Synalar.

    • Apply a thin layer on the affected skin and rub gently.

    • Store it at room temperature, away from moisture, heat, and flame.

  • Benefits

    Read the following benefits before you buy Fluocinolone cream 30gm: - 

    • The medication is available as a lower-cost generic drug which makes it even more affordable and accessible. 

    • It is available in varied formulations such as cream, ointment, and spray. 

    • It is one of the most potent topical steroids. 

    • The drug works well in managing the symptoms of psoriasis. 

  • Diet and Lifestyle Advice

    Synalar is a topical medication used for treating certain skin disorders such as rashes, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. However, apart from using the right medication, it is equally important to regulate a healthy dietary pattern and maintain an overall active lifestyle. If followed consistently, it is sure to show you the result even faster. The following are some of the health tips that you can abide by to attain healthy glowing skin: -

    • Eat right: - Your diet plays the first and foremost role in defining your skin health. The right food at the right time is all that matters. Include fresh veggies and fruits in your diet as much as possible. This is to attain the all-around benefits of vitamins and minerals. Lean more towards protein-rich and less towards a high-carb diet. Beans, peas, chicken, fish, meat, nuts, lentil, and seeds are some of the common protein options that you can go for. 

    • Stay hydrated: - Hydration is the base. Hydration adds moisture to your skin and keeps the disorders at bay. It maintains skin elasticity and prevents excess sebum (oil) production.  

    • The right product: - The use of the right product can make your skincare game even stronger. But before that, what is even more important is knowing your skin type. For many, understanding your own skin can be a little tricky. For that, you can consider visiting a dermatologist or can even research on your own. And once done, you can shop for products accordingly. 

  • Storage

    Generic Fluocinolone acetonide cream 30gm is very easy to store. All you need to do is to store it at room temperature, away from high heat, flame, and moisture, preferably in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from the reach of children and pets. Avoid freezing or refrigerating the cream. Dispose it off in a trash bin when it expires. 

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  • Interactions with Other Drugs

    Synalar is a topical drug that is most likely to not interact with other drugs, supplements, and vitamins. Hence, it is important to let your dermatologist know about your medical history concerning skin, any ongoing treatments or therapies, and a list of products or medicines you are currently using. This will enable him to know if the drug is safe for you to use and even choose the right strength. On a general note, eat healthy, follow the right skincare products, and live a stress-free life to maintain that charm and glow. 

  • FAQs
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Synalar cream used for?

      Eumosone is a steroid medication used for treating redness, inflammation, irritation, and itching caused by certain skin disorders such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

    • Is Synalar a steroid?

      Yes, Synalar is a steroid.

    • Can you use Synalar for acne?

      No, Synalar cream should not be used for treating acne.

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