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  • Generic Allium Cepa extract + Allantoin (Scar Gel) Tube 20gm
A box pack of Generic Allium Cepa extract + Allantoin (Scar Gel) Tube 20gm

Generic Allium Cepa extract + Allantoin (Scar Gel) Tube 20gm

  • Manufacturer Win-Medicare
  • Generic Name Allium Cepa extract + Allantoin
  • Rx Requirement This product requires a PRESCRIPTION
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  • Description

    Generic allium cepa extract allantoin scar gel is used to promote the healing process of the skin, hence improving the color, texture, and overall appearance of your scar.

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  • General Information

    All the health and medical information provided over here is for general purposes only. We, in no way, can match up to the expertise and judgement of your healthcare provider. Therefore, we would recommend you to always consult your doctor first before taking any drug or medication, to certify the safety and efficacy of it on you.

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  • Warning & Precautions

    • Do not take Allium cepa extract over the counter if you are allergic to it or any of the ingredients present in it.

    • Inform your healthcare instructor about your medical history and the creams or medications you have been taking to avoid any kind of drug interactions.

    • If your scars do not get better in 7 days or occur again within a few days, immediately consult your doctor.

    • Do not use it on deep wounds, serious burns, or animal bites.

    • Allium cepa extract allantoin is for external use only and should be applied on broken skin.

  • Side Effects

    Before you buy Allium cepa extract + allantoin online, check with your doctor about its side effects to be on the safer side.

    • Severe burning

    • Stinging

    • Redness

    • Irritation

    If you witness the above side effects, stop using this gel and consult your healthcare provider.

  • Directions to use

    • Apply this gel exactly as your doctor has prescribed.

    • Apply a small amount of gel to the affected area and gently rub it.

    • Do not use it on large skin areas.

    • Read the medicine leaflet well before you start using it.

    • Store it at room temperature, away from light, heat and moisture.

  • Benefits

    The following are the benefits of Allium cepa extract allantoin gel: -

    • Allium cepa extract allantoin is a top-rated acne treatment medication. 

    • It is non-greasy and odourless. 

    • It is not primarily used by breastfeeding and pregnant women. 

    • The gel is safe to use during sun exposure. Just make sure you aren’t allergic to it. 

    • It has natural ingredients in its formulation, which makes it even more effective. 

    • Generic allium gel is mostly used on the face but can be applied on other body parts as well. 

    • The gel can also be used to enhance skin complexion. 

  • Diet and Lifestyle Advice

    Generic Allium cepa gel is used for treating acne scars and improving texture, color, and overall appearance. However, any sort of skin issue needs your focus on diet and lifestyle. Your skin tells a lot about your living pattern and food intake. Hence, it is important to live a healthy life for better-looking and glowing skin. The following are some of the health hacks that may help you in attaining a faster result: - 

    • Cut down on dairy: - The majority of dairy products are high in fat, which can easily cause swelling and inflammation. Products containing cow’s milk have casein, a protein that some people face trouble digesting. Many individuals are lactose intolerant, which is why their body tends to react to dairy products, and such reactions tend to show up in the form of acne, digestive issues, skin inflammation, etc. 

    • Avoid added sugar: - Added sugar is extremely harmful to general health. It increases the blood glucose level and forces the body to store the extra energy in the fat cells and thus inflames the fat tissue. Excess consumption of added sugar can increase the levels of inflammatory proteins known as cytokines, which can cause acne, frequent breakouts, and other skin disorders.

    • Eat clean: - Healthy and clean food is what your body demands. Eat more freshly-cooked home food as much as you can. Include veggies, fruits, and protein-rich foods in your meal plan as much as you can. Try to cut down on refined carbs and processed food for better health.  

    • Limit Alcohol consumption: - Avoid excessive alcohol consumption if you are already facing skin issues. Excessive alcoholism, over time, damages the good bacteria in your gut, which can cause inflammation in the colon and intestines and can show its result on the skin surface.

  • Storage

    Allantoin scar gel is pretty easy to store. Store it at room temperature, away from high heat, moisture, and flame. It should be kept in a dry and cool place. Make sure it is away from the reach of pets and children. Avoid refrigerating or freezing the gel. Do not keep it on the bathroom shelf. Dispose of the gel if it expires. 

  • Similar Products

    Check out the below-mentioned alternatives before you buy Allium cepa extract allantoin: - 

  • Interactions with Other Drugs

    Allium cepa extract allantoin scar gel is a topical medication used for treating acne and acne scars, which is most likely to not react with any other drugs, vitamins, and supplements. However, it is important to let your medical instructor know about your medical history concerning skin health, ongoing treatments or therapies, and share the list of products or medicines you are currently using. This will help him know if the drug is safe for you to use. Make sure not to make any changes in the dosage without a doctor’s consultation. On a general note, use only those products that have been prescribed by your medical instructor. 

  • FAQs
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does Generic allium cepa extract allantoin scar gel really work?

      Yes, Generic allium cepa extract allantoin scar gel heals acne scars.

    • Can allantoin gel remove dark spots?

      Yes, allantoin gel removes dark spots and scars.

    • How do you apply Generic allium cepa extract allantoin scar gel?

      Apply Generic allium cepa extract allantoin scar gel on the dark spots and acne scars for at least 3-4 times a day.

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