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Pfizer Receive FDA Approval for COVID-19 Vaccine


Covid-19 has been a tough phase for everyone out there. It had a profound impact on the world, reshaping the various aspects of our lives. It has changed the way we work, learn, socialize, and interact with one another. It affected our day-to-day routines, limited social gatherings, and heightened our awareness of health and safety. The pandemic also underlined the importance of technology in one’s life. It made remote work and virtual communication a new way of living life. During the pandemic, the transition from the offline to the online world has been really quick for everyone. However, the way it affected our frontline workers, such as doctors, cops, and scientists, was really horrific. Despite the dreadful atmosphere, they stepped out of their home to protect the nation and develop treatments as soon as possible. In order to develop the vaccine against COVID-19, scientists and doctors worked as hard as possible for months. However, tackling the situation from one vaccine was difficult as each variant had different severity, transmissibility, and symptoms. Therefore, scientists continue to study these variants thoroughly, understanding their characteristics and significance to find out the most precise treatment.  


someone is taking covid-19 vaccine.


How many variants are there of Covid-19?  

The SARS-COV-2, which causes COVID-19, has undergone several mutations that have caused the formation of different variants. These variants have raised concerns due to their potential impact on transmissibility, severity, and vaccine efficacy. The variants of the virus occur naturally as the virus spreads throughout. Some key variants of this virus are: 


The first case related to the alpha variant was identified in the United Kingdom. This variant is associated with increased transmissibility and potentially higher risk of severe illness. It caused concerns about its rapid spread and led to increased efforts to prevent its transmission. 


This variant originated in South Africa. The beta variant has shown resistance to neutralization by some antibodies, raising questions about the effectiveness of certain vaccines. Studies are ongoing to understand the implication of this variant on vaccine protection and treatment.  


The first case of this variant was reported in Brazil. Gamma and Betta variants have some common characteristics, such as potential antibody resistance. It escalated the need for continued surveillance and vaccine adaptation. 


This variant of COVID-19 was started in India. The Delta variant is considered highly transmissible and spread speedily to other countries. It caused increased hospitalization rates, making vaccination efforts more critical than ever. 


The omicron variant, identified in late 2021, sparked global attention due to a large number of mutations in the spike protein. While there were initial concerns about immune escape, further research is needed to determine its impact on transmissibility, severity, and vaccine effectiveness. 

A new upgraded vaccine to be out by Pfizer: 

An upgraded COVID-19 shot is getting closer to getting released this upcoming fall. In the first week of August, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla stated that the FDA could approve his company's new vaccine by the end of the month in anticipation of a coronavirus wave in the approaching autumn and winter. 

According to federal officials, the release of the upgraded COVID-19 to fight against the omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 was originally planned for September. The injections will be available "probably in the early October time frame," said the new director of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention this week in an interview with NPR.

In front of an upcoming fall and winter wave, experts anticipate that a fall booster campaign will improve defense against the symptoms of coronavirus' symptoms. Moderna and Novavax are also developing updated COVID-19 shots within this timeline. The majority of Americans will get their injections covered by insurance. The Biden administration wants to start a program in the autumn that will give free COVID-19 shots and treatments to uninsured or those with inadequate insurance.

Federal officials have not yet decided which populations they will target with the new vaccine. The most recent injections were consumed by only 17% of Americans as of May, raising concerns about uptake.

The low uptake will result in problems for Pfizer in generating good revenue through the new COVID vaccination. 

Pfizer, a prominent pharmaceutical company, made a favorable revenue with the COVID-19 vaccination and the antiviral Paxlovid during the pandemic. However, as soon as the data on coronavirus started falling, Pfizer’s sales also started falling. The company’s officials made the news public that they would have to run a cost-cutting program if their COVID-19 vaccination continued to underperform.  

Predicting the COVID wave has always been a tough job since the inception of the pandemic. In an interview, Pfizer’s CFO David Denton said we are highly focused on developing the successful fall vaccination despite this uncertainty.  

Compared to previous vaccination trials, this time, the uptake of a new and upgraded vaccination could be higher than ever. A survey conducted by the KFF unveiled that half of the total adults said they would be interested in getting another shot of upgraded vaccination.  

Since the cases related to COVID-19 have been rising every week across the country after months of falling drastically. If the cases continue to rise at this pace, the Americans might get alert of an impending wave, which would probably increase their desire to get another shot.


1. How can I stay updated on the progress of the enhanced Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine?

In order to stay up to date with the latest information regarding the enhanced Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, you can visit the official site of Pfizer. They upload all the new information on their site regarding the expected release date and its availability. 

2. How effective is the enhanced COVID-19 vaccine expected to be against variants? 

It is believed that the enhanced COVID-19 vaccine will be released by the end of October, which will be highly effective against the virus, as claimed by the officials of Pfizer. However, there is no credible information out yet in terms of vaccine efficiency against the virus.  

3. Will people who have already received the original Pfizer vaccine need the enhanced version?

Yes, you may take the enhanced COVID-19 vaccine to stay safe and protected against the virus. However, before you take the medication, you must consult your doctor to know its efficacy for you. The doctor will let you know whether you should go for the enhanced vaccine or not after checking your health status. 

4. What data is Pfizer submitting to the FDA for the approval of the enhanced vaccine?

It is not disclosed yet what data Pfizer is submitting to the FDA for the approval of the enhanced vaccine. However, the details regarding the updated vaccine will be out in the soon future. So, to stay updated with the latest information regarding the vaccine, check out Pfizer’s official website. 

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