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How to Use HCG Injections for Weight Loss


HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a natural hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy, thickens a person’s uterine lining and supports a growing embryo, and asks the body to stop the menstruation cycle. The levels rise right after conception and continue until it is the end of the first trimester (10 weeks of pregnancy), and eventually decline. It is also known as the pregnancy hormone. It is available under various brand names, such as HCG puretrig, Sifasi, Fertigyn, and Lupi. 


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As much as HCG is effective in treating female infertility and male hypogonadism, it is widely used off-label as a part of a weight loss program. However, here the dosage will vary from what is needed to treat infertility. Alongside, you also have to follow a low-calorie diet for an effective result. This helps the body to burn the stored fat. Hence, it is pretty clear that people undergoing HCG for weight loss need to follow a strict diet plan. While on HCG, your body will burn around 1000 to 1400 calories a day from the stored fat. The entire treatment puts the body in an anabolic state, wherein the body tends to burn the unwanted fats instead of burning muscles, and hence, the weight lost during the diet is majorly fat. 

Exercise plays a major role while you are on a calorie-deficit diet and HCG treatment. Calorie deficit dieting makes the body go in starvation mode, which naturally stores fat and burns muscles. Therefore, the diet is combined with a proper workout routine so that the muscle mass is maintained during the starvation mode. The diet plan typically consists of two meals a day, with veggies and protein constituting the major part of the meal. You can have as much amount of coffee as you want throughout the day, but make sure to limit the amount of bread and fruits. Since the appetite is suppressed by HCG, hence, the dieters will not have cravings, and it will be pretty easy to stick to the plan. 

What are The Benefits of Using Hcg for Weight Loss?

HCG injections are effective enough in treating obesity. It has numerous benefits, out of which some are mentioned below: - 

  • Improves Metabolic Function: -

Weight loss with HCG improves metabolic function. It highly triggers the metabolism of fat for energy, which increases the rate of metabolism and increases the success rate of weight loss. 

  • Boosts Energy: -

Lack of energy is a common issue among all dieters. A low-calorie diet can arouse feelings of exhaustion, fatigue, hunger, and even irritability. But, HCG stimulates the metabolism of body fat for energy production and thereby raises the level of energy. 

  • Maintains Low Cholesterol Level: -

HCG treatment, when combined with a healthy, low-calorie diet plan, can reduce blood cholesterol levels. It also helps dieters to adopt a healthier eating pattern that aids in providing long-term health benefits and reduces the risk of heart disease. 

  • Increase Confidence Level: -

A healthy and fit body naturally boosts one’s confidence level. HCG helps in faster weight loss and results in a great-looking physique. To add on, a clean diet speaks for itself. It results in a leaner body. 

  • Hormonal Regulation: -

HCG injections trigger the release of other hormones, such as testosterone, that boost sex drive in men and thus maintains a balance in the body. It also regulates female hormones, known as oestrogen for promoting both healthy weight loss and homeostasis. 

  • Burns Fat Tissue for Energy Production: -

HCG injection burns adipose (fat) tissue and provides energy. This increases the metabolic rate and raises the success of weight loss. 

Before taking up a weight loss medication or treatment course, it is important to know the benefits and the duration needed to attain them all. Nevertheless, it is equally crucial to know and understand the side effects and what all you can do to prevent them.

The following are some of the side effects: - 

  • Poor Sleep Cycle: -

Dieters on an HCG diet may experience poor sleeping patterns. Nocturnia and insomnia are some of the frequently reported complaints while a person is on an HCG-oriented diet plan

  • Swelling: -

As per reports, some people have also experienced edema (water retention) while they were on the HCG diet. Men might also experience gynecomastia, which is basically enlargement or inflammation of breast tissue. 

  • Hunger: -

HCG treatment involves a very strict low-calorie diet, which might cause hunger. It may even result in hormonal changes in ghrelin, leptin, peptide YY, and insulin. These are the main hormones that are responsible for the feeling of fullness and hunger. 

  • Central Nervous System Symptoms: -

Several HCG symptoms are connected to the central nervous system. The symptoms include irritability, fatigue, headache, and restlessness. Some people have also experienced aggressive behaviour and depression. 

  • Irregular Heartbeats: -

HCG diet can cause protein loss from the heart muscle. And this irritation of the heart can lead to irregular heartbeat, which is dangerous. Consult your healthcare professional right away if you experience this. 

 Other side effects might include the following: -

  • Vomiting and nausea

  • Dehydration

  • Bad breath

  • Constipation

  • Fatigue and weakness

  • Diarrhoea

  • Hair loss

  • Dizziness

  • Low blood glucose level

  • Muscle loss

Precautions and Warnings

Although the HCG diet is widely famous, it is not meant for everyone. The following are some of the important categories of people who should not go for HCG oriented diet plan: -

  • Diabetics: -

People with diabetes should not go for any kind of low-calorie diet plan. This is because a calorie-deficit diet will reduce carbohydrates and affect insulin levels. 

  • Breastfeeding and Pregnant Women: -

The diet is strictly not meant to be followed by breastfeeding and pregnant women. This can disturb the hormones and can affect pregnancy. 

  • Children and elderly people: -

Children and elderly people should also avoid taking HCG and following a calorie deficit diet. 

Takeaway: -

Weight loss is not an overnight miracle. It takes a lot of effort and consistency. HCG treatment can, however, make the process a lot faster and can help you attain quicker results only if used as directed by your doctor. Before you get this medication, you must refer to your doctor in order to know whether this medication is safe for you or not. 


1. Can you lose weight with hCG injections?

Yes, you can lose weight with HCG injections. 

2. How many hCG injections do you take for weight loss?

The number of HCG shots required for weight loss depends on how much weight you want to lose, your age, and your physical condition. Consult a medical instructor for the same

3. What is the best injection for weight loss?

HCG available under various brand names is the best injection/medication for weight loss. 

4. What is the cost of HCG injection?

The cost of HCG depends on the brand name and strength. Check out our website for the same. 

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