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Everything you need to know about birth control pills


In today’s times, there are many options available when it comes to birth control. Birth control is a contraception that is used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control can be of various types, such as; shots, implants, IUD, condoms, and birth control pills. 

This pill is considered 99% effective when it comes to controlling pregnancy if taken religiously without fail. Taking this pill regularly helps in maintaining the levels from oscillating. These pills work by releasing estrogen and progestin, a naturally occurring hormone, to preclude pregnancy by stopping ovulation. 

birth control pill and condom


Types of birth control pills

There are mainly two different types of birth control pills;


- Combination pills 

- Progestin pills (also known as minipill) 


Combination pills

These are human-made pills that contain synthetic forms of estrogen and progestin hormones. There are several types of combination pills: monophasic pills, multiphasic pills, and extended-cycle pills.


Progestin Pills

These pills contain progestin without estrogen. This medicine is best for women who are not advised to take estrogen due to health reasons. While on this drug, you may or may not have your menstrual cycle. 


How do these pills work?

Combination pills work in two ways; they prevent your body from ovulating, which means the eggs that your ovaries release each month is stopped for a while. Secondly, these pills thicken your cervical mucus. 

Progestin-only pills also work by thickening your cervical mucus and by thinning your endometrium. When this lining is thinner, it becomes hard for an egg to implant in it, thereby preventing pregnancy. 

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How early does this pill work?

It usually takes up to a week to prevent pregnancy. If this pill is used to control symptoms such as; acne and abnormal bleeding, it can take up to 4 months to show significant results. 


Benefits of birth control pills

Birth control pills benefit you in several ways;


- Birth control pills protect you 24/7.

- They are useful and considered to be better than other birth control pill options. 

- They help regulate your menstrual cycle. 

- When you stop taking them, you can return to your usual self.


Disadvantages of birth control pills

These pills do not protect you against sexually transmitted infections. To ensure full protection, you might need to use condoms along with it. 

If you do not take your pills regularly, it may increase your risk of becoming pregnant. 


Side effects & risks

Every medicine you take may have a side effect and it may be different in every case; however, the most common side effects are as follows; 


- Low sex drive

- Nausea

- Bleeding during periods

- Tender breast


These side effects are said to improve in a few months and if in case they do not improve, consult your doctor. 

Talking about risks, combination pills put you at higher chances of blood clots, leading to; deep vein thrombosis, stroke, heart attack, and pulmonary embolism. 



It is advised to speak to your doctor about which birth control pill would suit you. Depending on your overall condition, your doctor may prescribe you the right medication. Inform your doctor about all your medical history and health issues to avoid any serious drug interactions. 


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