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Early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that destroys memory causing a slow decline in thinking and reasoning skills and other essential mental functions, interrupting one’s day-to-day life and activities.

One needs to understand that mild forgetfulness can be a normal part of aging. But, if memory problems affect your daily life, that could be a severe problem and early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

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However, here in this blog, we make it easier for you to notice the early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s so that you can start your early treatment.

Alzheimer's disease

Memory loss

Memory loss is one of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Others include forgetting important dates, asking questions over and over, and relying on memory aids.

If you require frequent reminders, then we would suggest you see a doctor.


Difficulty in completing tasks

You may experience problems concentrating. While suffering from Alzheimer’s, it may take longer than usual for a person to do daily chores and tasks.


Vision loss

You may also experience vision problems which can cause difficulty in reading. You may also find it difficult to differentiate between colors and judging distances.


Personality and mood changes

You may experience a noticeable shift in mood changes and personality. One is said to feel confused, depressed, anxious, and full of fear.


Hard to converse 

Conversation can be a struggle, and it becomes a problem to find the right words. One may often forget what to say in the middle of a conversation or also repeat himself repeatedly.


If you witness all these symptoms, we advise you to visit a doctor immediately. Your doctor, after diagnosing you, will go ahead and prescribe generic Alzheimer’s drugs online. Early diagnosis and treatment can help in making your condition better.


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