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Does Smoking Weed Cause Lung Cancer?


Over the last few years, marijuana has gained a lot of limelight among the youngsters. The recreational use of marijuana is at its peak around the world. You will be shocked to know that around 16% of Americans smoke weed. The number of weed smokers has drastically increased in the United States over a decade. Marijuana users have doubled in number in only ten years.

Colorado and Washington stood out as the first states in the United States to legalize the consumption of marijuana way back in 2012. It is well known for ages that smoking tobacco has detrimental effects on health. However, studies are still being conducted to understand the exact effects of inhaling marijuana on health. Despite the lack of resources regarding the impact of weed on health, health experts say inhaling anything other than fresh and clean air is not a great idea. 

If you are someone who takes up weed for medical purposes or recreationally, it might lead to adverse effects that might consist of lung cancer.


weed consumption is affecting your lungs.


How does Smoking Weed Affect Your Lungs?

Smoking weed doesn’t lead to any fruitful outcomes for your health. According to experts, it is believed that smoking weed causes inhalational lung injury. When you smoke up, the tiny airways of the lungs become severely irritated, which leads to significant lung damage. 

Weed smokers inhale the smoke deeply and hold it for a long time compared to tobacco smokers, which causes irritation and harm to your lungs. The way you take marijuana causes the most extensive damage to your lungs. When we compare the pattern of smoking marijuana to cigarettes, it is observed that cigarettes are puffed in the same way by everyone. On the other hand, weed can be taken in different patterns, such as via bongs, joints, vape, pipes, etc. 

The distribution of the possible chemicals in the lungs differs due to the different ways of taking it. Furthermore, that distribution is probably going to hurt people in ways that aren't completely understood yet.

Is it Possible to Get Lung Cancer by Smoking Weed?

Multiple researches have been conducted in order to know the exact outcomes of smoking weed. At the present time, studies don’t prove that smoking weed may lead to lung cancer. Studies unveil that Cannabis use and the chance of developing lung cancer are not scientifically linked. As time passes, we will comprehend a lot more about the risk of lung cancer with smoking weed. 

 It is difficult for experts to scientifically prove a connection between smoking weed and lung cancer. It has not been studied as thoroughly as tobacco and its link to lung cancer. There are some more complications that make it harder to measure the lung cancer risk by using weed. Since many users also use other drugs, it might be challenging to identify those who just take marijuana. Therefore, it is difficult to measure its connection with lung cancer. 

Some other studies and experts disagree that it is unknown at this time since we do not have the same long-term evidence on marijuana usage as on tobacco use and its potential risk of cancer. Burning marijuana causes similar substances found in tobacco. Hence, experts believe that they need more long-term data on marijuana use to find out the potential for lung cancer from smoking weed. 

Can Smoking Weed Cause Any Health Issues? 

Yes, smoking can potentially lead to some health conditions, such as chronic bronchitis. The weed’s smoke holds the power to disturb the airways of the lungs, making you prone to conditions like wheezing, coughing, high phlegm production, etc. Besides, studies are not sure yet that these common complications are more common in weed smokers than in those who don’t smoke. 

Studies found that smoking weed doesn’t only harm your lungs but also causes other health conditions. Marijuana can impact your ability to fight diseases, especially in those who have already weak immune systems due to any reason. There is a compound in marijuana that comes out as an immunosuppressant, making you prone to catching infections. These effects can be seen with the short-term consumption of weed. The long-term effects of weed may include serious health complications such as: 

  • Cognitive impairment

  • Changes in brain chemistry

  • High risk of developing mental disorders like schizophrenia 

What Medications are Effective in Dealing with Lung Diseases?

The short and long-term use of marijuana and tobacco can lead to lung conditions like COPD, asthma, and lung cancer. To get through COPD and Asthma, your doctor might recommend you to take generic asthma medication such as Advair Diskus 250-50 mcg. On the other hand, if you are diagnosed with lung cancer, you might be asked to take anticancer medicines online. 

Note: Before taking any generic asthma or anticancer medication online, you must refer to your doctor. Your health status, medical history, and other aspects will be analyzed comprehensively. If your doctor agrees, you can move forward with the treatment. 

Generic Asthma Medication (Advair Diskus 250-50 mcg)

This medication is effective in addressing the symptoms caused by lung conditions such as COPD and Asthma. The most common symptoms of these conditions may include shortness of breath, wheezing, trouble breathing, etc. Advair Diskus 250-50 mcg has two active ingredients named Fluticasone and Salmeterol. Fluticasone comes under the drug class known as corticosteroids, which functions to reduce swelling around airways. On the other hand, another active ingredient named Salmeterol belongs to the drug class named long-acting beta antagonist, which functions to relax the airways’ muscles so that you can breathe without any difficulty. 

 While using medication, there are a few things that you keep in mind to curb the possibility of side effects.  

  • Take the dosage as directed by your healthcare provider for a certain duration. 

  • Let your doctor know if you ever had any serious medical conditions before starting this medication. 

  • Tell your doctor if you are using other medicines to avoid interaction. 

  • Stick to the guidelines marked by your doctor. 

There will be minor possibilities of meeting any side effects. However, if you encounter any, let your physician know. Following can be side effects of advair diskus 250-50 mcg

  • Hoarseness 

  • Throat irritation 

  • Headache 

  • Stomach upset 

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Anti-Cancer Medicines 

There are multiple anticancer medications available in the market that can treat lung cancer. However, it is advised that you should seek medical help to determine the correct treatment. Taking any medication without the consent of a professional can be harmful. Anticancer medications are highly potent and can lead to serious adverse effects if not used as directed. Before recommending any anti-cancer medication, there are several factors considered to make sure its consumption is for you. 

The treatment depends on the stage of the cancer and your medical history. Therefore, it is necessary to get in touch with your doctor to know the treatment. You will have to stick to the treatment directed by your doctor without making any changes. If any necessity arises to make changes in your dosage or duration, you will be informed by your doctor.  


1. Does smoking cause lung cancer?

Smoking cigarettes has the potential to lead to life-endangering diseases like lung cancer. The prime cause of lung cancer around the globe is smoking cigarettes. You will be shocked to know that 80 to 90% of lung cancer deaths are tied to smoking cigarettes in the United States of America. Using tobacco in any form, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, elevates your chance of developing lung cancer. 

2. Are weed smokers more likely to get lung disease?

As listed earlier, taking anything in other than fresh and clean air is hazardous to your lungs. If you smoke marijuana, you are at high risk of developing chronic bronchitis. And in case you have a weak immune system, you are more likely to encounter lung infections. Therefore, you are requested not to take anything that can be harmful to your lungs.

3. What percent of lung cancer is caused by smoking weed?

Smoking weed doesn’t lead to any fruitful outcome for your health. The short and long-term use of it can be highly detrimental to your health. Studies don’t prove that smoking weed can lead to lung cancer. There are various studies underway to know the link between smoking weed and lung cancer. 

4.  How to avoid lung cancer?

There are certain ways through which you can decrease your chances of developing lung cancer. Kindly adhere to the listed guidelines in order to avoid lung cancer: 

  • Don’t smoke 
  • Dodging exposure to secondhand smoking 
  • Take a diet full of nutrients. 
  • Keep your health in check. 
  • Go for comprehensive annual check-ups every year.

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