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Can Mobile Phones Affect the Women's Fertility?


In the era of the digital revolution, imagining a life without a smartphone is almost impossible. From doing the day-to-day tasks to choosing the right dress for a special event, you rely on your gadgets to get things done smoothly. We totally understand technology and digitization have made our lives easy-going and convenient. However, if we keep the ease that our gadgets offer us aside, we can’t neglect their negative fallouts on our health. 

As you already know, excess of anything is harmful to your well-being, be it a healthy diet or your smartphone. Let’s take an example to understand this statement thoroughly. You are someone who goes to the gym and follows a stringent diet every day but still keeps one day as a “cheat day’” Why so? Because you also know if you keep eating healthy all the time, your body will get acclimatized to healthy food only. So, whenever you think of eating anything other than healthy, your body will respond negatively.

The same applies to the usage of smartphones. The excess of its usage affects our physical, mental, and emotional health. Have you ever been close to the thought that your mobile phones can affect your fertility? Shocking, right? Do you remember the goal you set for yourself for daily screen time? How many times have you achieved it? Once or twice, maybe! No worries, you will start keeping your phone away when you get to know these electronic gadgets only keep you away from daily goals but also affect your fertility.


A couple suffering from infertility.


We also understand the significance of smartphones and their convenience to make things easy-going. Let’s know how one’s fertility is affected by it. 

As per recent studies, it was found that the long-hour exposure to mobile affects fertility in both. The radiation emitted by your electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops have a significant non-ionizing impact on our fertility, be you a man or woman. Isn’t it scary? We never thought that the invisible radiations released by mobile phones have a potential link with our fertility. 

In males, these invisible and harmful radiation waves harm the sperm quality and testes. The impact will be high on your fertility if the distance between your testes and your phone is too near. For instance, if you keep your phone in your front or back pocket all the time, this close proximity between your phone and reproductive parts causes electromagnetic waves that harm your fertility. Keeping your gadget in your pocket for more than 4 hours a day impacts your DNA, leading to infertility.

On the other hand, these non-ionizing invisible rays have an adverse effect on women's health just as much as they do on men. As per recent studies, exposure to electromagnetic radiation coming out of your devices can affect ovarian reserve. The chances get increased if you keep your phone near your abdomen area.

In addition to this, another study conducted in California revealed that women who keep their laptops in their lap noticed decreased fertility due to the heat of the device. If you stay on your phone often, you might face trouble conceiving.

Tips to avoid prolonged exposure to your mobile phone: 

We also know that keeping yourself away from mobile 24/7 is not possible at all. However, there are some tactics you can execute to prevent yourself from extended exposure to electronic devices. These tips will help you to lower your chances of encountering impaired fertility due to mobile usage.

Limit your mobile usage-

It’s not possible to omit your mobile usage completely. From placing the food order to researching for a project, it is done through electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops. So, we know you can’t stop using it entirely, but you can definitely decrease its usage. For instance, rather than spending hours on Instagram, you can go for a walk with your pet or spend time with friends and family. 

Keep your devices away from you-

You don’t need to keep your phone close to you all the time. Whenever you are sitting idle, you will end up scrolling the social media feed. Rather than investing your leisure time on a mobile phone, you can opt for some productive activities such as reading a book, going for a walk, or spending time with your pets. 

Uninstall apps that consume a lot of your time-

We have many apps that consume our productive time. If you are also one of those who fumble your phone as soon as you wake up, you really need to change this habit. Spending a small proportion of your free time on it seems fine, but keeping yourself indulged all the time is problematic. 

Change your habits:

There are certain activities that can be changed to avoid long exposure to your mobile phones. For instance, rather than reading a book online, you can get yourself a physical copy of the same book. This way, you will be able to dodge exposure to your phone for long hours. 

Restrict the apps:

You must have seen a feature in your iPhone that you can put limits on the apps that consume most of your time. This will help you to avoid spending long hours on social media and gaming. It stands out as one of the critical components in managing daily screen time. 

The Bottom Line:

As you have already read, how a mobile phone affects women's fertility. The long hours of mobile phone usage are seriously harmful for males and females. In males, it reduces the sperm count, while in females, it leads to problems in conceiving. So, if you are having such problems, you should see your doctor. The doctor will diagnose the problem and its underlying cause for the treatment. You might be suggested for infertility drugs or any other treatment as per your health status. The treatment will be based on your age, root cause, ongoing medications, and past medical history. Therefore, it is important to consider seeing a doctor in order to know the best treatment.


1. Is a mobile phone harmful for pregnancy?

The long hours of exposure to mobile phones can affect your fertility. The electromagnetic radiation coming out of your phone can distress your ovarian reserve. So, if you are planning to conceive, avoid long hours of exposure to your devices. 

2. Does phone radiation reduce fertility?

As per studies, it is believed that mobile phone radiation can affect fertility in men and women. In males, these harmful radiations reduce sperm quality, while in women, it affects the ovarian reserve. 

3. Are mobile phones bad for sperm?

The long hours of exposure to mobile is really harmful to your sperm. The radiation released by your electronic devices holds the potential to decrease your sperm quality. 

4. Does phone radiation affect the uterus?

Yes, your mobile phone can affect your fertility. Therefore, it is advised that if you are planning to conceive, avoid long hours of exposure to your electronic devices, such as your mobile phone.

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