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An overview on female infertility


Female infertility or infertility means when a woman cannot get pregnant even after one full year of frequent sexual intercourse. Female infertility can depend on various factors, such as; age, physical problems, hormone imbalances, and particular lifestyle and environmental factors. Incessant miscarriages are also considered and denoted as infertility. 

According to a survey, infertility affects millions of couples all over the world.

Although female infertility can be hard to diagnose, there are several female infertility treatments present that can help you conceive; consult your doctor for timely treatment. 

Infertility in women

The following processes are the main factors in getting pregnant, one cannot get pregnant if the following are disrupted.



Ovulation is the key to get pregnant. It occurs when your ovaries release and produce eggs.



Your partner needs sperm to make you pregnant. Therefore, your partner can undergo a number of tests to evaluate the health of his sperms and sperm counts. 


Regular intercourse

While you are fertile, you need to have frequent and regular intercourses. Your doctor can help you in telling you when you are the most fertile further helping in conceiving.


Open fallopian tubes and a normal uterus

When the egg and sperm meet inside the fallopian tube, a healthy uterus is essential for it to grow, making both the fallopian tube and uterus an essential part of it.



 Talking about the causes, infertility happens when certain things interfere with the biological process. Let's have a look at those causes. 


Ovulation disorder

This means when a woman ovulates infrequently or not at all. There can be many reasons for this disorder, such as; Polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothalamic dysfunction, premature ovarian failure, excessive prolactin. 


Tubal Infertility

A damaged fallopian tube prevents the sperm from getting into the egg and the uterus. The following can be the causes of a damaged fallopian tube;


- Pelvic inflammatory disease 

- A previous surgery of the abdomen or pelvis

- Pelvic tuberculosis 



This is a condition where the tissues that grow in the uterus changes typically and grow in other locations. 


Unknown causes

However, sometimes the cause is not known. A minor factor in both the partners can be a reason for an unexplained fertility problem. 



With the advancement in technology, there are various treatments available for the treatment of infertility in women. 



In this procedure, a hysteroscope is placed into the uterus through one’s cervix. It helps in opening up blocked tubes. 



There are several infertility drugs that can help you overcome ovulation problems, such as; clomid, follistim, pregnyl and others. 


IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) 

In this process, your healthcare provider will place embryos into the uterus, fertilized in a dish. 


Egg donation

This is used when your ovaries do not function rightly, but you have a normal uterus. In this, your doctor transfers fertilized eggs into your healthy uterus. 



Known as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, in this, your doctor directly inserts the sperm into the egg and places it in your uterus. 


Piece of advice

If you are diagnosed with infertility, do not feel disheartened as it is not the end of the world. It is common that many couples feel they would not be able to become parents ever but that is not true, you can make your dream come true and be blessed with a healthy baby with the help of the above treatments. However, it may take some time, but patience is the key.


Buy infertilty drugs only when your doctor has prescribed you. 


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